Need a Full Office Setup?

Moving office is a very difficult event, it takes major time and resources. IT is a major issue in the office move that takes up more time than is necessary, BIGBANG ITS can take this entirely from your hands. BIGBANG ITS will look after everything to do with IT, so that you don’t have to worry about it!

At BIGBANG Information Technology Solutions, our IT professionals are experts at designing and implementing customised server and network infrastructure solutions to meet your specific needs. With functionality and usage demands growing almost daily, it’s critical to have a fully integrated, resilient and agile network to keep pace.


• IT Cabling Infrastructure
• Microsoft Office 365
• Disconnecting and Reconnecting IT Equipment
• Reconfiguring Internet Router & Access Points
• Pricing and obtaining any additional Hardware and Software requirements
• Setup of any IT equipment
• Handling of new Internet, Telephone and Fax lines, Advise, application and technical input
• Liaising and Managing all third parties to ensure smooth delivery
• Physical Security, Entry System and Surveillance

Networks & Servers Expertise

Wide Area Networking (WAN)
Local Area Networking (LAN)
SIP, VPN, and other WAN transport technologies
Route/Switch – Virtual and Physical
Wired and Wireless LAN
Microsoft – Active Directory,
VMware Enterprise Server Virtualization


New Office Cabling

We are experienced in Structured Cabling projects for small and large offices. This may be a single office or a complete floor.

Existing Office cabling /re-cabling

As an office grows it is inevitable that the structured cabling needs will change, we can assist you in redesigning the cable routes to ensure additional points are added with the least disruption to your work and your premises.

Site Porta Cabins / Temporary Site Offices

Big Bang has been heavily involved in the construction industry and has massive experience in structured cabling for Site porta cabins and temporary office facilities for the construction industry.

Event IT Cabling

IT Services and structured cabling for Events is a different type of project compared to other installations. The event industry does not have the large time lines of standard projects. The installation of the Structured Cabling must be quick, efficient and on time. There is no area for failure, it must be all right on the night! UnlimITed has many years of experience in the Event industry working with the top names and brands.

Site Inspection

During the pricing stage one of our Structured Cabling Technicians will visit the site with a project manager to assess the site and the works required. At this stage we will try and foresee any issues that cause any negative effect to the project. At this stage we will be looking at where the incoming communications services (Du/Etisalat) will come from as well as any particulars for the installation work.

Coordination Meetings

During the life cycle of the Structured cabling project we will ensure that we have continuous co-ordination with all other parties involved, this will be done by our project manager, who will be responsible for the overall customer satisfaction of the project.

Testing and Commissioning

We don’t expect you to take our word that we have installed your Structured cabling perfectly, we will test the structured cabling using the industry standard fluke cable tester. This will give you a report on each part of the cabling. With this report we can guarantee your structured cabling for 10 years.